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Welcome to our Testimonial Page including reviews, and feedback from our diverse school of dancers and their parents.

These reflections from pupils past and present, gives you a taste of what sets us apart as a dedicated, family founded school.

Children as butterflies in our end of year show

Senior Show 2023

Read some of the comments from our parents and dancers.

I wanted to say how wonderful the show was. It was very impressive how all grades came together to perform and to see how well organised and executed everything was.

Grade Two Parent

It was an absolute pleasure to be involved, and the whole show was brilliant. My husband described it as ‘life affirming’ and said he had a lump in his throat throughout the show because the dancers were incredible.

Grade Six Parent

The achievements of Sunday were utterly remarkable. Thank you so much for making the miracles of creativity happen for our children.

Grade Three Parent

Last Sunday’s show was absolutely amazing – credit goes to you both and your amazing team. First Steps is definitely a happy place where the happiness of each and every student matters. We have had first hand experience of this from yourselves as our daughter is accepted and embraced here.

Grade Three Parent

What a phenomenal day! Thank you so much for everything you did to bring together such a wonderful show and give the students (so many of them!) such a memorable experience of live performance. We were blown away. The dancers looked so confident on stage and their costumes were stunning. The music is still ringing in our ears today.

Grade Five Parent

What a joy it was to watch your show today! Very many congratulations on the greatest of successes. Having put on many shows myself I know exactly how much hard work goes into one – and I take my hat off to you. It was immensely creative, varied, detailed, colourful; pure delight to watch everyone trying their hardest, and succeeding. The costumes were stunning and all the technical side worked perfectly. I just loved it.

Adult Student

Testimonials from our students, parents and organisations

Read some of the feedback we’ve received.

It was fun converting our kitchen into a makeshift ballet studio every Saturday afternoon, and we thought it worked brilliantly. It sounds fanciful but an atmosphere of serenity and beauty seemed to descend on the house for the duration of Freya’s lesson. I know she got a lot out of it, and we greatly appreciate the trouble you have taken to keep everything going to your usual high standards in such unusual circumstances. Thank you.
Grade Four Parent on our 'FirstSteps from a Distance' Zoom classes

Feedback from the Alexandra Palace 150th Anniversary Event;

Thank you so much for the email!!! I’m so glad it was a good experience, and you were able to highlight your amazing dance school. We thoroughly enjoyed the performances

Business Support Officer, Alexandra Palace

By the way you guys are really good at what you do – It’s evident that Rachel’s confidence is growing. Really appreciate First Steps Dance.
Grade Three Parent

Also I wanted to say how thrilled I am that Isabel is continuing her ballet – it is in part due to the lovely relationships she has with you and the girls. Thank you so much.
Grade Six Parent

Oooh, that is brilliant! Thank you to show us the beautiful work and intense training that went into it: quite an inspirational background for the teaching you are delivering to your students!

Keep well and let’s hope that you and your students can be soon reunited in the dance studio!

Parent on our 'FirstSteps from a Distance' Zoom classes

Also I had some fantastic feedback about your organisation in our recent staff meeting; the staff who worked on the day were very impressed with the respect and politeness shown by your whole company – not something I hear every day. Hooray!
Manager of Jacksons Lane Theatre

Ruby has loved your classes and blossomed in your care.
Vocational Parent

She loves ballet and it will always be part of her.
Grade 8 Parent

Thanks again – and also for your efficient responses! Of the ballet schools I contacted, you were the only consistent communicator. Thank you. I’m pleased we found a class that works for Ella so she can keep dancing.
New Grade Two Parent

What a great session! I have not done ballet since I had a couple of disastrous classes aged 6, but watching your class was inspiring and – for a fleeting moment – even made me think I could consider joining!
Chair of Hornsey Vale Community Centre

I just wanted to take a moment to say what a fantastic time i’ve had being able to come back to ballet this term. It’s so wonderful to have access to an adult ballet class that is accessible for those who aren’t necessarily beginners but certainly aren’t professionals, with such a wonderful teacher who critiques and helps you to improve in such a constructive way. It’s really testiment to how fantastic your classes are that i’ve been able to meet people who have been dancing with you for years! Your teaching style really reminds me of my dance teacher when I was younger so I feel very greatful to have found your class! 

Adult Student