The joys of two classes a week: Part 1 Conditioning

The teachers here at FirstSteps get great satisfaction seeing our students grow, each one in their own way and at their own pace. Much of student growth is down to ‘how’ we teach, but also ‘what’ we teach. Offering additional classes to compliment RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus classes, is one way of planting the seed.

Conditioning: Team Work and Core Muscles!

Conditioning. We condition our hair, we condition our skin; conditioning your body is exactly the same. I see it as taking care of your body and, most importantly for our young dancers, understanding how to do that. All our bodies are different, just as our hair type is different. In our Conditioning class students learn how their own body works eg. Do they have hyperextension? Are they tight in the hamstrings? Understanding how you are put together is a great start to conditioning your body successfully. So, why bother? It’s another evening commitment in an already busy schedule, another cost…

Understanding the Shoulder Girdle

The proof is in the pudding, well three puddings actually. We see a marked difference in students technique. Legs are more lengthened, posture is improved, and feet are articulating at last! Secondly and equally exciting is that the dancers notice it. This gives them confidence and an engagement we may not have seen before. Lastly, we can’t forget ‘Assessment Time’. With our RAD Assessments on the horizon, focus on technique is highlighted. Students are marked on their technical achievements, control, coordination, line and weight placement. These criteria are the foundations of the Conditioning class. They have a direct relationship to Assessment preparation, participation and outcome.

So when Miss Espe PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) gets out her Torture Box (it’s just a box with weights, balls and therabands) and the music goes on, the benefits of adding a Conditioning class can be enjoyed.

Conditioning Wednesday 4.30 – 5.30pm (suitable for students Grade 3 and above) To book email