The joys of two classes a week: Part 2 Repertoire

The teachers here at FirstSteps get great satisfaction seeing our students grow, each one in their own way and at their own pace. Much of student growth is down to ‘how’ we teach, but also ‘what’ we teach. Offering additional classes to compliment RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus classes, is one way of planting the seed.

Trying on our hats for Elite Syncopations

Repertoire refers either to a complete ballet, as in the ‘NUTCRACKER’ or to a dance within that ballet. In our case it describes a class where students learn choreography from a well-known ballet.

Firststeps School of Dance are lucky to have teachers who have danced in both large and small ballet companies, performing much of the repertoire within the great classical ballets. (Please see the Teachers Biographies for more details

To dance a familiar variation to well-known music from a famous ballet is a wonderful experience for ballet students. Firststeps teachers will simplify and adapt the steps of well-known repertoire dances to suit the dancers abilities, so students get a real sense of achievement. Students also learn the history of the ballets they are learning. The composers and choreographers of the time, the sets and costumes that define the style and theme of the ballets.

Elite Syncopations
Les Sylphides

From Elite Syncopations to Les Sylphides

The Repertoire Class at Firststeps gives students a ‘taste’ of different ballets all carefully chosen to give them the opportunity to be expressive and really perform. The teachers will use props and costumes to encourage students to feel the role they are performing. This class enhances the student’s weekly ballet class by adding to their performance and technical skills. It also prepares them to be an audience of the future.

Repertoire Wednesday 5.30 – 6.45pm (suitable for students Grade 4 and above) To book email